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Winter 2017 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Microscopy Course Description
Revolutionary Mushroom Cooking Technique
NYMS Winter Gathering by Mical Moser
Mycommentary by Ethan Crenson
The Year in Mushrooms, a 2016 Wrap-up by Tom Bigelow
Emil Lang Lecture Series
A Day at The Garden by Paul Sadowski



Summer 2016 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Mycophagist Table Update
Our Springtime Morel Tasting
Evening in Paradise
Bolete Patrol
Artist Gwen Fabricant
Fungi as Public Health Ally
Seduction of Taxonomy



Spring 2016 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

The Guy Who Came in From the Cold
Chemical Spraying and Mushroom Hunting
Savory Finnish Pancake with Morels
March 12th, Mycophagist’s Table
John Cage Wins Trustees Award at the Grammys
Dr. Kathie Hodge
Introduction to Mycology: A Mycophile’s Journey Into the World of Science



Winter 2016 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

The NYMS Mycophagists Table
Two Future Forays
Emil Lang Lecture Series for 2016
A Week on a Mushroom Farm in Quebec
Recipe We’ve Been Waiting For: Nametake
Underwood Book Review
Bolete Brigade with Ethan Crenson
Book Auction Redux
Winter Gathering



Autumn 2015 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Upcoming Book Auction
The Sraying of Chemicals in New York City Parks
Artist Conk and Amadou
Recipes: Stewed Mushrooms & Ischnoderma resinosum
Events Held by the NYMS in 2015 Which You May Regret Having Not Attended
NYMS First Newsletter, 1977
Stewed Mushrooms
Foray Reports: NEMF & COMA