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Spring 2016 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

The Guy Who Came in From the Cold
Chemical Spraying and Mushroom Hunting
Savory Finnish Pancake with Morels
March 12th, Mycophagist’s Table
John Cage Wins Trustees Award at the Grammys
Dr. Kathie Hodge
Introduction to Mycology: A Mycophile’s Journey Into the World of Science



Winter 2016 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

The NYMS Mycophagists Table
Two Future Forays
Emil Lang Lecture Series for 2016
A Week on a Mushroom Farm in Quebec
Recipe We’ve Been Waiting For: Nametake
Underwood Book Review
Bolete Brigade with Ethan Crenson
Book Auction Redux
Winter Gathering



Autumn 2015 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Upcoming Book Auction
The Sraying of Chemicals in New York City Parks
Artist Conk and Amadou
Recipes: Stewed Mushrooms & Ischnoderma resinosum
Events Held by the NYMS in 2015 Which You May Regret Having Not Attended
NYMS First Newsletter, 1977
Stewed Mushrooms
Foray Reports: NEMF & COMA



Summer 2015 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Ancient Allies for Modern Maladies: An Evening with Paul Stamets
Upcoming Book Auction
Recipes: Sous Vide Mushrooms in Cream Sauce & Rabbit with Wild Mushrooms
Catskill Weekend 2015
In Memoriam: The Remarkable Mr. Nearing (Part 2 of 2)
In Memoriam: Mary Wakino



Spring 2015 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Croation Mushroom Hunt (part 2 of 2)
Upcoming Book Auction
Recipes: Wild Morel Linguini & Creamed Ramps Gratin
Chanterelle Weekend 2015
In Memoriam: The Remarkable Mr. Nearing (part 1 of 2)
NYMS Annual Business Meeting Minutes — 1/24/15
NYMS 2015 Winter Gathering
Midwest Mushrooms (part 2 of 2)
Members Profiles: Karen Schechner & Rachel Simon



Winter 2015 NYMS NewsletterN.B. The front page is mislabelled “Winter 2014”


Winter Lecture Series 2015
Recipes : Shiitake/Maitake Bacon & Osso Buco with Mushrooms
Alissa Allen’s Dye Workshop
Midwest Mushrooms
COMA’s Clark Rogerson Foray
What’s in That Package of Porcini? )
Croation Mushroom Hunt (part 1 of 2)



Summer 2014 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Announcements: Catskill Weekend • Foul Weather Friends
Oregon Truffles (Part 2 of 2)
Book Review: Giant Polypores & Stoned Reindeer
My Letter From Tuscany
Recipe: Chanterelle Vodka “The Golden Duffbuster”
NYMS Participates in Eco-Festival 2014
Mushrooming Around The Globe
Spring ’14 Mushrooming Anecdotes
I might Just Be a Chenterelle
Some Thoughts on Chicken Mushrooms


Summer 2014 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Oregon Truffles (part 2 of 2)
Book Review Larry Millman
Cocktail: The Golden Duffbuster
Mushrooming Around the Globe
NYMS Participates in Eco-Festival 2014
Spring ’14 Mushrooming Anecdotes
Poem: I Might Just Be a Chanterelle
Some Thoughts on Chicken Mushrooms
Book Review: Giant Polypores Stoned Reindeer
My Letter From Tuscany


Acute Toxicity of Phalloidins

[Editor’s Note: Debbie Viess is an Amanita expert from northern California]

Acute Toxicity of Phalloidins: Amatoxin’s Silent Partner

Debbie Viess “amanitarita”

Amanita_phalloides_01Most of us know about amatoxins and deadly amanita poisonings: a terrible way to die and not much fun even if you survive, but you have to actually EAT phalloides to be poisoned by amatoxins. What most people don’t know is that the deadly amanitas also contain an even more potent and deadly toxin: phalloidin. Continue reading