Beginning Microscopy for the Amateur Mycologist (Naturalist)

On two Saturdays, March 25 and April 8 from 10AM to 2 PM, Paul Sadowski will be leading two classes in Beginning Microscopy for the Amateur Mycologist (Naturalist) at the New York Botanical Garden. This class is being presented under the auspices of the NYMS and will be open to 20 NYMS members.

The objective of the class is to introduce the student to the microscope as a tool in mushroom identification. Like our Monday Night Identification sessions the meeting is collaborative under the guidance of the group leader.

First session: hardware, introduction to the compound microscope, calibration of  the eyepiece reticle, illuminating the specimen, care and feeding of slides, cover slips, mounting fluid, reagents, dyes, razor blades and miscellania. A first look at slime molds. Mushroom dissection, spores and gills under the objective and their use in keys and the literature.

Second session: working with dried material, a look at cystidia and basidia. A good look at Largent’s book on microscopic analysis in mushroom identification. Observation of ascomycetes and polypores.

The NYBG classroom is fitted with compound and dissecting microscopes. Their compound microscopes offer observations up to 400x. We will have at least a couple of microscopes offering 1000x magnification under oil.

There will be an introductory text provided but this will be a cursory set of photocopied material. One is encouraged to purchase Identifying Mushrooms to Genus III: Microscopic Features by David Largent (Mad River Press).

The Society will make bulk purchases of microscopy tools, supplies and literature.

The cost of the class is around $90.00 which includes the course time, books, and supplies. Students are encouraged to bring their own microscopes.

We hope that each student will attend both sessions, as the course is conceived as a whole.

Please contact Paul Sadowski for further information and to indicate interest in attending these sessions