Summer 1193 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Foray Announcements
Drought Alert
John Cage Letter: Unrest in the NYMS
Recipe: Black Trumpet Lo-Mein
Membership List Corrections
Save Smellfungus
Death in the Woods
Sociology of Mycological Societies
Ornamental Mushrooms: The Next Gardening Fad?
Up In the Sky… It’s a Black Truffle??
Lincoff: Truffle Key for the Northeast
Role of Shiitake In Control of AIDS Virus
Fungus As A Source of Taxol
“Sleepy Grass” Time in the Rockies
Fungus Flowers
North American Truffle Cookbook
The Curious Cook
The Fungus Among Us
Gahan Wilson Cartoon
Patter Song
NYMS Fall Festival