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Acute Toxicity of Phalloidins

[Editor’s Note: Debbie Viess is an Amanita expert from northern California]

Acute Toxicity of Phalloidins: Amatoxin’s Silent Partner

Debbie Viess “amanitarita”

Amanita_phalloides_01Most of us know about amatoxins and deadly amanita poisonings: a terrible way to die and not much fun even if you survive, but you have to actually EAT phalloides to be poisoned by amatoxins. What most people don’t know is that the deadly amanitas also contain an even more potent and deadly toxin: phalloidin. Continue reading

Wildflower Week Fungi Walk at Inwood Hill Park

On Saturday, May 17th our Wildflower Week walk in Inwood Hill Park had a nice big group of the myco-curious. The weather was perfect, lots of mushrooms (see below) to introduce the gathering. See Gary Lincoff’s photos here.

Sadowski-Inwood14 JustinInwood14 MorelsInwood14

INWOOD HILL PARK / May 17, 2014

ASCOMYCETES Morchella diminutiva Xylariaceae spp. (undetermined)

JELLY FUNGI Exdia recisa

CRUST and PARCHMENT FUNGI Botryobasidium aureum Peniophora albobadia Stereum complicatum Stereum hirsutum

POLYPORES Cerrena unicolor Ganoderma applanatum Polyporus craterellus Polyporus squamosus Pycnoporus cinnabarinus Trametes hirsuta Trametes versicolor Trichaptum biforme

GILLED MUSHROOMS Agaricus bitorquis Coprinus sp. (tiny) Coprinus sp. (large) (not micaceus) Crepidotus crocophyllus Entoloma sp. Gymnopus sp. Mycena spp. Phylotopsis nidulans Psathyrella sp.


NYMS Member Jan Mun Unveils Another Myco-Remediation Project

FairyRingsFairy Rings 2.0 – Jan Mun brings her work to the ExxonMobil Greenpoint Petroleum Remediation Site

September 6th, 2013
This summer, NCA Artist-in-Residence Jan Mun implemented the second phase of The Fairy Rings, a mycoremediation inspired art installation for Newtown Creek. Last year, Jan worked with NCA’s Mycoremediation Workgroup to create an on-water version of the rings, and this year, she expanded to a land-based site.  With support from NCA, Jan brought her work to the ExxonMobil remediation site in Greenpoint, a site of historic and environmental importance to the creek and NYC.Read on for her own description of the work, and join us Sept 16, 6pm at the Newtown Creek WWTP Visitors Center when we will meet for a full presentation on what happens when you propagate pink oyster mushrooms over a massive remediation site.  (Hint: lots of interesting things happen!)


Dr. Tulloss’ Amanita Citrina Project

Amanita citrina f. lavendula

Amanita citrina f. lavendula

For those of you whom are familiar with NAMA and NEMF Forays, you have probably had the good fortune to meet Dr. Rod Tulloss, the Amanita expert from New Jersey.

He is seeking the help of mushroom seekers in obtaining well collected and documented collections of Amanita citrina and Amanita citrina f. lavendula (a lavender tinted A. citrina). The season for this autumn mushroom is upon us.

A highly detailed body of instructions follows. Continue reading