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Mark your calendars! 2023 Summer + Fall scheduled walks

The club has walks every weekend of the year, but only in the summer and fall do we schedule them ahead of time, so people can plan out their season.
On weekends where there are no scheduled walks we will organize pop-up walks, details of which will be shared a few days beforehand.
A few things to know about our scheduled walks:
  • We meet when public transportation arrives, where public transportation arrives (station, bus stop etc)
  • Walks often last 5-6 hours
  • We may cancel or move walks in case of thunderstorms or extremely dry conditions
  • The exact details for the following walks (including any changes) will be announced by email a few days before the date
Members are asked not to pick in the walk areas in the two weeks before the walk.
We thank Dennis Aita, the club’s walks coordinator, for organizing these walks!