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Pop-up walk Alley Pond Park, Queens

Please join us for a walk Alley Pond Park, Queens this Sunday!

This week we are partnering with New York City EcoFlora, a citizen science project created by the New York Botanical Garden to document and conserve the biodiversity of New York City. You may recognize EcoFlora from their iNaturalist project, which automatically scrapes many observations from within city limits and compiles information about the City’s plants and their relationships with other organisms, such as birds, insects, and mushrooms.

This month, EcoFlora is running an EcoQuest challenge called Begin the Year with Basidiomycetes. The aim of the challenge is to record observations on iNat in the given category. We're sure to have many opportunities to contribute on our walk!

Bring lunch and water.

If you've never been on a mushroom walk with us before, here is what to expect. We highly recommend using the iNaturalist app to document the fungi you find. Find out how to use it here.