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Pop-up walk Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Please join us for a walk in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, this Sunday!

This weeks walk will cover plants as well as fungi. We will be joined by Marielle Anzelone, a botanist and ecologist. Marielle is an urban ecologist focusing on people's connections to nature & how design, education, and government can nurture this relationship. She is the founder of NYC Wildflower Week – an organization that produces programming to engage urbanites with the wilds of the Big Apple.

We also encourage you to visit the Vote for a New York Wildflower Initiative!

If you've never been on a mushroom walk with us before, here is what to expect. We highly recommend using the iNaturalist app to document the fungi you find. Find out how to use it here.

After the walk, we will be meeting for our first ever mushroom picnic (RSVP required). See additional information below!