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Greenbrook Sanctuary Pop-Up Fungus Survey Sunday, August 27 2023, 11 AM

This walk will be a bit different from our usual NYC Park walks. The Greenbrook Sanctuary prohibits the removal of material from their property. This optimizes the survey baseline: the environs are not foraged thus providing a more natural venue for surveying the fungal biome.

However, NYMS in cooperation with the Palisades Nature Association (Greenbrook Sanctuary) has conducted many surveys of the Sanctuary with their permission to pick fungi.

We will require that all collections be made according to a protocol that will ensure documentation: in situ photos, carefully excavated specimens, voucher slip and field notes included in the specimen bag.

All participants will return their collections to the Nature Center where all collections will be accessioned, photographed and documented for the survey. These collections will be dried and a portion of them will be submitted for DNA analysis.