Mushrooms 101: An Introduction to Collecting and Identifying Fungi

Description With the mushroom season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to learn how to identify common fungi of the Northeast. This lecture is aimed at beginners and will cover tools and terminology, the basics of identifying fungi, and how to differentiate the delicious from the deadly - whether you're picking for […]

Fungal microscopy

In this lecture, you will learn why you might want to use a microscope, what types of microscope there are, how to choose a microscope, how to measure microscopic characteristics of fungi, and the kinds of chemicals and reagents that are useful in fungal microscopy. Alan will also cover the important microscopic characteristics of fungi, […]

Mushroom DNA barcoding for the citizen scientist

Changes in DNA Sequencing technologies over the past decade have greatly reduced the cost of sequencing, making it available for non-academics and hobbyists. This presentation will cover the basic molecular biology involved in doing Sanger DNA Sequencing, the most commonly used technique for DNA Barcoding of Fungi. The tools and protocols involved will be covered […]

Advanced mushroom observation + identification

Description With the summer mushroom season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to work on your observation and identification skills. This lecture builds on the Mushrooms 101 lecture from May and is aimed at anyone from ambitious beginners to the experienced. We will cover observation, photography, documentation, collection, identification and specimen preservation. […]

How to use microscopy measurement software

  Instagram: @elaniobroiNat: @elaniobroTwitter: @elaniobro Description Elan Trybuch researched how to measure spores in his spare time, where he discovered a plugin that was part of the Fiji open source ecosystem, that would do so. Elan forked the code on github and modified it to suit mycologists needs. Learn how to use open source software […]

Sonic Encounters of the Third Kind with Lisa Schonberg and Allie Wist, Pioneer Works x NYMS x Green-Wood Cemetery

Pioneer Works Music Resident Alum Lisa Schonberg and artist-scholar Allie Wist will be leading a field-based class focused on listening to mushrooms and listening as mushrooms. We primarily encounter mushrooms through vision, but most of mushrooms' labor and energy are hidden from human sensing. How might we hear them? What can we speculate about what mushrooms hear and sense? What do these sounds tell us about […]