Kurt Miller – Diversity of Fungi in Puerto Rico Tuesday, May 3, 2022 7pm

Our friends at the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association are kindly opening up one of their lectures to our members. Thank you MHMA and John Michelotti!

The talk
Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean with a unique culture, history, and biological diversity. Citizen scientist Kurt Miller has lived here for several years in which he has documented hundreds of species of tropical macrofungi. He will be discussing the taxonomy and species diversity of these beautiful mushrooms together with high quality photos from different habitats all over the island.

Kurt Miller is a community scientist from Kirkland, Washington. He lives in Puerto Rico where he has interned with Forest Service mycologist Dr. Jean Lodge and served as a field biologist during the 11th annual International Mycology Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His main interests are tropical fungal ecology and taxonomy, environmental education, and documenting rare mushroom species, especially those which form mycorrhizae with sea grape (Coccoloba spp), a native tree. He administers the local group ‘Fungi of Puerto Rico’ and leads several fungal identification walks annually on the island. He is a FunDiS Biodiversity Database Identifier specializing in fungi of the Caribbean Islands.

Lecture details

Tuesday May 3 at 7pm