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Arora, David, Mushrooms Demystified. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 1979. Softcover
A west coast centric book, but of great use for everyone. It has indispensable keys and descriptions, and also a wry sense of myco-humor. Gary's well-used and annotated copy.
Opening bid: $40


Benjamin, Denis R. Mushrooms, Poisons and Panaceas: A Handbook for Naturalists, Mycologists, and Physicians. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1995. Paperback.
Denis Benjamin's classic text.
Opening bid: $15


Bernicchia, Annarosa & Gorjon, Sergio, Corticiaceae s.l. (Fungi Europaei 12). Alassio: Edizioni Candusso, 2010. Hardcover.
This book is simply the best, most comprehensive guide to Corticioid fungi around. It is copiously illustrated with drawings microscopic features. Large enough to stun an ox.
Opening bid: $50


Bessette, Alan E., Roody, William, C. & Bessette, Arlene R. North American Boletes: A Color Guide to the Fleshy Pored Mushrooms. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2000. Hardcover.
Good keys and photos.
Opening bid: $20.


Bessette, Alan E., Roody, William, C. & Bessette, Arlene R. Boletes of Eastern North America. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2016. Softcover.
Good keys and even better photos! The new generic names can be found here.
Opening bid: $20.


Beug, Michael W., Bessette, Alan E., & Bessette, Arlene R. Ascomycete Fungi of North America: A Mushroom reference guide. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2014. Hardcover.
With good photos, descriptions, and information this book is a must if you are interested in ascomycetes.
Opening bid: $25.


Bone, Eugenia. Mycophilia: Revelations From the Weird World of Mushrooms. New York: Rodale, 2011. Hardcover.
Packed with fascinating mycological information and interactions with many mycologists, amateurs and professionals. Inscribed to Gary by the author.
Opening bid: $20.


Both, Ernst E. The Boletes of North America: A Compendium. Buffalo: Buffalo Museum of Science, 1993.
An indispensable reference for Boletophiles! Inscribed by Both; GL's signature and his notes throughout.
Opening bid: $15


Brodo, Irwin M., et al. Lichens of North America. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001. Hardcover, in lightly worn dust jacket.
A stunning work, with gorgeous photographs and excellent descriptions. A must for lichen-lovers.
Opening bid: $40


Dennis, R.W. G., British Ascomycetes. Lubrecht & Cramer Limited, 1977. Hardcover.
For those who are interested in Ascomycetes, this book is crucial. It is filled with keys to the genera, as well as black and white and color illustrations of ascos, including images of asci and spores. Sellers online are asking over $100 for this book!
Opening bid: $25


House, Homer D. Wildflowers of New York. Albany: The University of the State of New Yok & State Museum, 1921.
Opening bid: $25
No mushrooms here! This volume, by Charles Horton Peck's successor as New York State Botanist, is a portfolio of 264 glorious color plates.


Fischer David W. & Bessette, Alan E. Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-to-Kitchen Guide. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1992. Hardcover.
Descriptions of 100 of the best edible species with over 70 creative recipes. Lengthy inscriptions by Fischer and Arlene Bessette.
Opening bid: $25.


Grigson, Jane. The Mushroom Feast. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1975. Hardcover.
The classic mushroom recipe book with over 250 recipes.
Opening bid: $15.


Hesler, L.R. & Smith, Alexander H. North American Species of Hygrophorus. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1963. Hardcover.
The early monograph on Hygrophorus. Keys, photos excellent descriptions and notes. Covers 244 species.
Opening bid: $15.


Kibby, Geoffrey, Mushrooms and Other Fungi (American Nature Guide Series). New York: Smithmark Publishers, 1992. Spiral bound softcover.
This guide contains copious notes by Gary Lincoff, many of them correcting errors and inaccuracies!
Opening bid $20


Lamoureux, Yves & Despres, Jean, Champignons du Quebec Tome 1 Les Bolets. Cercle des Mycologues de Montréal 1997. Spiral bound softcover. En Français.
Many of the boletes described in this guide appear in the Northeastern US. The keys and descriptions are good quality. Signed by the author.
Opening bid: $35


Largent, David L., et al. How to Identify Mushrooms to Genus, Vols. 1-6. Eureka: Mad River Press. All volumes are softcover.
A complete set of this classic series of reference books. Should be on the shelves of every mycophile!
Opening bid: $25


Lincoff, Gary, et. al. Wild Mushrooms of Telluride. Denver: Fungophile, Inc., 1990. First edition. Softcover.
Published in celebration of the famous Telluride Mushroom Festival (which was co-founded by Gary Lincoff). Includes an essay by Gary entitled Mushroom Consciousness, with further contributions by Dr. Andrew Weil, Paul Stamets, Art Goodtimes, among many others.
Opening bid: $15


Marshall, Nina. The Mushroom Book. New York: Doubleday, 1905. Hardcover.
One of the early American popular mushroom guidebooks (Charles Horton Peck and Lucien Underwood assisted in preparing the descriptions of the fungi treated). The hand tinted photographs are beautiful!


Metzler, Susan & Van Metzler. Texas Mushrooms: A Field Guide. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1992. Harcover.
Gary gave this book a very critical review in the pages of Mycologia – a photocopy of the review is included! Signed by GL, with his annotations and notes throughout.
Opening bid: $10


Moser, Meinhard. Keys to Agarics and Boleti. London: Roger Phillips, 1983. Hardcover.
Roger Phillips translation of Moser's masterwork. Signed by Moser on title page.
Opening bid: $20


Mycologia, Vol. 70, #3 (May-June 1978).
Contains a review of Gary's first book, Toxic and Hallucinogenic Mushroom Poisoning by Linda M. Kohn, who ends her review: "This is the text to keep by the phone."
Opening bid: $15


Nearing, Guy. The Lichen Book: Handbook of the Lichens of the Northeastern United States. Ashton, MD: Eric Lundberg, 1962.
Excellent illustrations by the author. A bit of NYMS history – Guy Nearing was a co-founder of the club!
Opening bid: $25


Overholts, L.O. The Polyporaceae of the United States, Alaska and Canada. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1967. 2nd edition. Hardcover, dust jacket missing.
Foreword by Alexander H. Smith. The classic manual for of polypores in North America. Heavily used by Gary
Opening bid: $15


Pacioni, Giovanni & Lincoff, Gary (editor). Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Mushrooms (Nature Guide Series). New York: Simon & Schuster1981. Softcover.
A good visual guide which Gary Lincoff edited in 1981. It is signed by Gary on the title page.
Opening bid $15


Peck, Charles Horton. Boleti of the United States. Albany: University of the State of New York, 1889.
The earliest treatment of the boletes in North America, by the towering figure of late 19th and early 20th Century American mycology.
Opening bid: $15


Peck, Charles Horton. Edible Fungi of New York. Albany: University of the State of New York, 1900. Hardcover, condition issues, binding loose.
Answers the eternal question: Is it edible?
Opening bid: $20


Petersen, Ronald H. Ramaria subgenus Echinoramaria. Vaduz: J. Cramer, 1981. Hardcover.
Are you interested in coral fungi? If you answered "yes", you'll want this book!
Opening bid: $15


Ristich, Samuel, S. Sam's Corner: The Public Journal of a Mushroom Guru. Compiled and edited by Eric Von Magnus, 2nd edition, revised by Ruthie Ristich. Maine Mycological Association, Inc. 2016. Spiral bound softcover.
A compilation of 3 decades worth of incredible observations gathered from the pages of the Maine Mycologial Association newsletter on fungi, and the natural world.
Opening bid: $20.


Romangnesi, Henri. Les Russules d'Europe et d'Afrique du Nord. Paris: Bordas, 1967. Hardcover. En français. Color photo of Romagnesi laid in. With 1000 pages this is a monumental monograph of European Russulas!
Opening bid: $40.


Schlittler, Jakob, Champignons, Societe Francaise du Livre (two volumes, Les Champignons á lamelles & Les Champignons sans lamelles), 1979. Hardcover.
Beautiful silo'd photographs, a quality printing. In French. Two volumes.
Opening bid $35


Smith, Alexander H. & Singer, Rolf. A Monograph on the Genus Galerina Earle. New York: Hafner Publishing Company, 1964. Hardcover in dust jacket.
The only comprehensive treatment of this large genus in North America.
Opening bid: $30


Snell, Walter H. & Dick, Esther A. The Boleti of Northeastern North America. Lehre: Verlag von J. Cramer, 1970.
With 87 plates by Snell, 72 of which are in color. The illustrations and information remain useful. One of the early books on boletes and the first one on northeastern boletes. Given to Gary as a gift by the COMA club.
Opening bid: $30

Snell and Dick


Stamets, Paul. Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms. Olympia: Mycomedia, 1993. Hardcover
First edition, #20 of 500. Inscribed by Stamets to Gary & Irene on title page, dated 12/7/93.
Opening bid: $30


Stamets, Paul, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2005 Softcover
The classic book that arguably launched a worldwide movement of mushroom awareness. There are two copies available here (see next lot, 35a below), both signed/dated by Stamets with a nice inscription to Gary and Irene and Noah.
Opening bid: $40


Stamets, Paul, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2005 Softcover
The second copy (see description of 35a above)
Opening bid: $40


Stamets, Paul. Psilocybe Mushrooms and Their Allies. Seattle: Homestead Book, 1978. Softcover.
This classic book by Paul Stamets is not terribly rare, however, this was Gary’s personal copy. It is inscribed "For Gary Lincoff with best regards to a mycophile sympathetic to all kinds of mushrooms, -Paul Stamets, August 3, 1979." Gary has decorated the front of the book with his name on a masking tape stripe. This book is well loved but still in great condition.
Opening bid: $20


Stamets, Paul. Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World: An Identification Guide. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 1996.
Inscribed by Stamets to GL, 8/22/96, during the Telluride Festival. Stamets has indicted this as copy #5.
Opening Bid: $40


R.L. Gilbertson, L. Ryvarden North American Polypores (2 volumes), Lubrecht & Cramer Ltd, 1987.
This two volume work on North American Polypores is quite difficult to find. For those serious about polypore identification this is the definitive text. Full of excellent descriptions and drawings of micro-features. It’s a must have.
Opening Bid: $50


Singer, Rolf The Agricales in Modern Taxonomy, Koeltz Scientific Books, 1986.
Gary owned at least three copies of this foundational text of modern fungal taxonomy. This one is well-used (and repaired with duct tape) and inscribed to Gary by the author. Former NYMS president, Tom Bigelow said: “Gary rode his books hard!”. And that’s how you know they are good, important, valuable!
Opening Bid: $20