Study Lichens at Eagle Hill

I took a course at Eagle Hill some years ago with Tom Volk to study Polypores. The sheer profusion of lichens made finding polypores quite difficult! This is a great place to study lichens. – Paul Sadowski

Title: Lichens and Lichen Ecology
Instructor: Troy McMullin
Dates: May 15–21, 2022

Description: This seminar is suitable for beginners and those with an advanced understanding of lichens. It is designed to help teachers, students, those working in state or federal positions, and naturalists of all skill levels become more knowledgeable about lichens. Lichens are abundant and diverse along the coast of Maine, so participants can pursue topics of interest and develop identification skills for a wide range of species. This seminar emphasizes both fieldwork and laboratory studies. The main focus is on identification using books, keys, and chemical tests. Chemistry will be examined with ultraviolet light, spot tests, and thin layer chromatography. Instruction will be provided on how to do these tests and how to cut sections of lichens and their fruiting bodies in order to examine internal structures. Lichens from open, forested, and seashore habitats will be studied. Lectures and slide presentations will cover topics such as structure, reproduction, ecology, human uses, and pollution monitoring. This seminar is recommended before taking more specialized lichen seminars. Participants are encouraged to bring their own specimens to study.

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Eagle Hill Institute’s 2022 Mycology Seminar

 3 stages of amanita


Eagle Hill is right on the coast of Eastern Maine, between Acadia National Park and Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge.

Please note that proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (including booster) is required for acceptance into our seminars.

July 24–30 — Mushroom Identification for New Mycophiles: Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms — Greg Marley and Michaeline Mulvey

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NYMS new membership system now live!

We’re excited to announce that we finally have a 21st Century automated membership system. Why is this such a big deal? After all, the club has done fine for the last 60 years entering names into a ledger, or, more recently, into a spreadsheet.

This method worked fine back in the day when the club had 200 or 300 members but in the last couple of years the Club’s membership has ballooned (or dare I say, mushroomed) to over 1,500 members. Data entry and membership management fell to our Secretary and Treasurer, both of whom spent many hours every week trying to keep pace with the flood of applications. A frustrating and thankless task for our officers, and sometimes a frustrating experience for members who didn’t always get an immediate response or confirmation.

But all that has changed. Thanks to the work of Elan Trybuch, our new Secretary, who also happens to be an experienced software engineer, we now have an automated system that makes onboarding members a breeze. For our members, it bring a whole basket of new benefits:

  • Membership applications are confirmed the moment the $20 membership dues hit our PayPal, triggering a welcome email with lots of info and useful resources.
  • Members can now manage their membership themselves, changing their address, adding social media handles and even add a household member for free.
  • Once logged on, they have access to members-only content like information on walks, and ID sessions as well as lecture recordings. This makes it easy to stay on top of the many events that NYMS organizes year-round.
  • Memberships are now for 365 days instead of just to the end of the calendar year.
  • We will now be sending out reminder emails when memberships are about to expire, so no more accidental unenrollments or lapsed memberships!

Best of all for our team, we can now focus on the fun stuff, and spend more time in the forest and less time in front of our computers.

We thank our members for their patience while we were piloting the system and hope you enjoy the new benefits as much as we do.

2022 Annual Business Meeting 2/5/22

Please join us for our 2022 business meeting which will once again take place via Zoom. Normally, the business meeting is a lively social event, and we do hope to return to meeting in person in 2023.

We will review the Society’s plans for the year, discuss a variety of topics, and elect officers.

All members are welcome. I look forward to seeing you there!


NEMFs Virtual Mushroom Conference this Friday and Saturday

The Northeast Mycological Federation is staging an online conference with two days of lectures. Attendees will have access to video recordings of presentations for 30 days after the conference ends. The keynote speaker will be Giuliana Furci. Presentations from Lynn Boddy, Gabriela D’Elia, Joao Araujo, Tradd Cotter, Eugenia Bone, David Hibbett, Tom Horton, Roz Lowen, Renée Lebeuf, Noah Siegal, Rick Van de Poll, Rod Tulloss, Bill Bakaitis, Gary Gilbert and John Michelotti. Info and Registration at The event takes place December 3rd and 4th.

Member walks have resumed for the 2021 season

Our walks have always been the heart and soul of the club’s activities. We have all missed them during the pandemic. You will be pleased to know that Member walks have resumed. Please be fully vaccinated, for your own safety and that of your fellow club members. The schedule has been posted on the Events page. Be aware that the schedule is subject to change and the details about meeting places and times are emailed to members several days ahead of the walk.