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I took a course at Eagle Hill some years ago with Tom Volk to study Polypores. The sheer profusion of lichens made finding polypores quite difficult! This is a great place to study lichens. – Paul Sadowski

Title: Lichens and Lichen Ecology
Instructor: Troy McMullin
Dates: May 15–21, 2022

Description: This seminar is suitable for beginners and those with an advanced understanding of lichens. It is designed to help teachers, students, those working in state or federal positions, and naturalists of all skill levels become more knowledgeable about lichens. Lichens are abundant and diverse along the coast of Maine, so participants can pursue topics of interest and develop identification skills for a wide range of species. This seminar emphasizes both fieldwork and laboratory studies. The main focus is on identification using books, keys, and chemical tests. Chemistry will be examined with ultraviolet light, spot tests, and thin layer chromatography. Instruction will be provided on how to do these tests and how to cut sections of lichens and their fruiting bodies in order to examine internal structures. Lichens from open, forested, and seashore habitats will be studied. Lectures and slide presentations will cover topics such as structure, reproduction, ecology, human uses, and pollution monitoring. This seminar is recommended before taking more specialized lichen seminars. Participants are encouraged to bring their own specimens to study.

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