1996 Spring NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Announcements: Morel Breakfast (Redacted) • Last Lecture • Mushroom Courses • Internet Fungi • Annual Meeting • Walks
Letters to the Editor
Is There Hope For Our Eastern Hemlock?
Acid Rain: The Root of the Matter
Lincoff: Misadventure in Publishing
Lincoff: A Note on Natural History Magazines’s Mushroom Mania
Book Review: Poisons and Panaceas
Letter From Terry Hayes
Chanterelle Weekend
Clippings: Mushroom Researchers Probing False Morels • One Man’s Poison • Amanita Phalloides Poisonings • You Say Potato, I say Potahto • Mychorrizal Protections forStressed Plants • Fungi & Bacteria • Obits: Mynghee Kim & Jack Czarnecki • Chicken-Of-The-Woods Reactions Associated With Oak Tree Origin
Ashokan Weekend
NEMF Ascutney Foray