Winter 2001 NYMS NewsletterCONTENTS:

Book Auction • Dues • Mushroom Ballots • Hazards of Translation • Two Journals • Annual Meeting • Mushroom  Garden
Mushrooms in Museums • Singing Chanterelles • Mushrooms & Paintings
Dennis Aita: Mushrooms in the Markets
Science: Mushrooms Older than we Thought • Is Mushroom Fruiting a Last Gasp? • Boletus or Russula? • Mushroom vs. Elephant’s Foot
Annual Mushroom Dinner
Adventures With a Black-Staining Polypore
Winter Oysters
Clippings: Mushroom Catsup • Mushroom Dogstup • Mz. Myco-Manners • Fungal Puzzle • Truffle: True or False • Bolete Mini-key • I’m Dreaming of a Mushroom Christmas • An Interesting Mushroom Tail
Winter Lectures