Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit our FAQ page for useful information about walks and using iNaturalist


NYC Combined Checklist
The New York City Combined Checklist comprises a list of all fungi found within the five boroughs by the New York Mycological Society. It is arranged by “broad group” (groups of mushrooms that share recognizable macro-features) and currently includes more than 1000 species. It is updated regularly. A downloadable PDF version is available, but it is updated less frequently.


View Walk Lists
The New York Mycological Society conducts regular forays year-round in New York City and the surrounding counties. Species lists of fungi and myxomycetes are compiled, edited and kept here. Walk lists are available going back to 2009, with a gap during the 2020 season due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Sort by Park
Generates a list of all mushrooms collected on NYMS walks for a particular park.


Simple Search
A simple search tool for our walks lists. Search by a mushroom using the Latin name. Once you receive search results you can sort and filter those results by a number of other criteria.


Newletter Archive
The New York Mycological Society publishes a newsletter with articles, reviews, recipes and more. The most recent newsletters are available to members only, but the archive, including issues dating back as far as 1977, is available here.