NYMS Kissena Park pop-up walk Saturday April 30, 2022

Agrocybe sp., C├ęsar Castillo, Kissena Park, 4/27/19

Please join us for a walk in Kissena Park this Saturday.

We’ll walk through the remains of the Parsons Nursery (which introduced over 100 species of exotic trees and shrubs to north America in the 1800s) and will continue to the forested 13 acres at the park’s south-eastern corner.

We should expect to see tiny ascomycetes aka ‘dots on sticks’, crusts and polypores. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we’ll also see a couple of the first spring fungi – genera like Agrocybe or Pluteus.

The more typical macrofungi will not appear in any abundance until late June.

If you’ve never been on a mushroom walk with us before, here’s what to expect.

Bring water and lunch. Note that ticks are now a year-round hazard.

Many members document their finds using the iNaturalist app – we highly recommend doing so.

The walk

It is always advisable to check the MTA Service Advisory web page: MTA Service Alerts.
I look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Sigrid Jakob

New York Mycological Society

917 244 3700