NYMS Pop-Up walk in Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island, Sunday, July 3

Trichoderma sp., Tom Bigelow, Clove Lakes Park, June 2, 2013

Please join us for a walk this Sunday in Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island. The club has not visited this park in the summer before, so it will be interesting to see what we find.

The city has only seen half an inch of rain in the last couple of weeks, so we’re likely to see only a modest amount of fungi, such as ascomycetes aka ‘dots on sticks’, crusts, polypores and perhaps a few gilled fungi.

If you’ve never been on a mushroom walk with us before, here’s what to expect.

Consider bringing a copy of the key that Paul Sadowski shared with us in yesterday’s lecture so we can key out some of our finds together.

Bring water and lunch. Mosquitoes and ticks are out, so make sure to protect yourself. Long pants and firm footwear are recommended.

Many members document their finds using the iNaturalist app – we highly recommend doing so.

The walk

It is always advisable to check the MTA Service Advisory web page.

I hope to see you on Sunday!

Sigrid Jakob
New York Mycological Society
917 244 3700