NYMS Pop-Up Walk Seton Falls Park, Bronx Saturday May 14, 2022

Mycena sp., Tom Bigelow, 5/19/19

Please join us for a walk in Seton Falls Park this Saturday. We’re being joined by a very special guest – botanist and biodiversity campaigner Marielle Anzelone, who will help us learn more about the flora of this little ecosystem.

We’re still in the middle of the ‘spring lull’, with fungi relatively scarce. We’re most likely to find tiny ascomycetes aka ‘dots on sticks’, crusts and polypores.
The more typical macrofungi will not appear in any abundance until late June.
If you’ve never been on a mushroom walk with us before, here’s what to expect.
Bring water and lunch. Note that ticks are now a year-round hazard.
Many members document their finds using the iNaturalist app – we highly recommend doing so.