Advanced mushroom observation + identification

With the summer mushroom season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to work on your observation and identification skills. This lecture builds on the Mushrooms 101 lecture from May and is aimed at anyone from ambitious beginners to the experienced. We will cover observation, photography, documentation, collection, identification and specimen preservation. We will also provide an introduction to the many useful and free resources that can be found online.

About Tom Bigelow
Tom Bigelow has been a member of the New York Mycological Society for 14 years and has served as the club’s president from 2016-21. He holds the record for iNat observations for the club, many of them rare. He’s renowned for his beautiful photographs of fungi, which have been chosen as iNat Observations of the Day on numerous occasions. He is an expert on polypores on crust fungi and has lectured to a number of clubs on the topic.

Sigrid Jakob

Instagram: @dung_fungi
iNat: @sigridjakob

About Sigrid Jakob
Sigrid Jakob is a dedicated recorder of the fungi of Green-Wood Cemetery and Prospect Park. She leads the conservation working group of the Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDiS) and does DNA sequencing of fungi at home. She has a particular interest in Russulas, Amanitas, the Incocybaceae and fungi growing on dung.