How to use microscopy measurement software


Elan Trybuch

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Elan Trybuch researched how to measure spores in his spare time, where he discovered a plugin that was part of the Fiji open source ecosystem, that would do so. Elan forked the code on github and modified it to suit mycologists needs.

Learn how to use open source software Fiji to measure microscopic features and spores using the Microscope Measurement Tools plugin. You will also learn how to:

  • set different scales for each of your objectives on your microscope
  • add a scale bar and set the scale to your image
  • create macro shortcuts
  • use the measurement tool
  • customize the colors of the line, font, and text box

About Elan Trybuch
Elan Trybuch is a software engineer by trade and discovered his passion for fungi while out on a camping and rock climbing trip. He is the current secretary of the New York Mycological Society.